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Spa Day Splurge Anti-Aging Facial

All of us want to look beautiful. At Zeng, we believe in encouraging the body to reveal personal beauty as naturally as possible. By offering ancient anti- aging beauty techniques treasured in China for centuries as well as pairing ancient techniques with modern scientific advances, we can dramatically improve individual results.  Whether it's your preference to indulge only in pure ancient beauty techniques, or to choose a more dramatic hybrid of old wisdom paired with new science, we invite you to let us help reveal your most vibrant and beautiful YOU!



A tried and true, results oriented, modern day staple that deep cleanses pores, exfoliates dead skin, and includes the anti aging hydrating mask as well as relaxing facial massage. Together, each of these processes work towards decreasing pore size, combating dullness, infusing the skin with hydrating moisture for suppleness, helping with fine lines, as well as alleviating stress to promote mental and emotional serenity.

Gentle Glide Facial Cupping


A natural method of focusing your body's healing powers and chi flow on the facial skin. This ancient gliding cup technique encourages the body's natural systems to bring chi and replenishing nutrients to reinvigorate facial skin.  You can combat dullness, promote healthier skin, and bring back a more youthful glow without the using irritating chemicals on the skin or risking the possible side effects of prescription creams and preparations.

Soft Touch Micro-Dermabrasion

A modern method of gently sloughing away layers of dead cells, revealing the beautiful youthful skin trapped beneath. This is a popular, highly effective way of achieving significant and immediate same day beauty results.

Acupuncture "Mini-facelift" Procedure

An ancient method of directing the body's own facial chi flow towards levels seen in youth. Blocked channels can be freed, sluggish flow can be increased, wasted chi can be re-directed to encourage the skin's youthful suppleness, elasticity, and beauty. This procedure is completely non-invasive. It is painless, natural, convenient, effective, and there is no downtime required. Commonly, the best results blossom within 4 or 5 sessions and generally last a few months.

Anti-aging Beauty Packages

As well as individual services, Zeng also offers two youth-enhancing Beauty Packages.  Each package utilizes powerful de-stress and anti-aging techniques and is masterfully designed to reveal a more youthful appearance, combat signs of aging, and alleviate the wrinkle-causing daily stress we routinely inflict on ourselves. The Youth Optimizer is a hybrid package combining remarkably effective ancient and modern beauty techniques. The Youth Revelation relies on scientifically proven techniques and products found in better beauty spas and companies.

Youth Optimizer Package

This package combines deep steam facial cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, gentle-glide cupping, facial massage, acupuncture mini face-lift, and the Age-loc mask.  Marrying the ancient beauty techniques of gentle-glide cupping, the acupuncture mini-facelift , and the de-stress champion: facial massage, with the well loved, modern, and highly effective spa facial can offer remarkable results.

Youth Revelation Package

This scientifically modern package combines gentle cleansing, micro-dermabrasion, anti-aging mask, and deep-relaxation facial and neck massage.  Using some of the most effective, efficient, and sought after modern day techniques can immediately reveal hidden beauty as well as ease the daily anxiety and stress which undermines it.


Good health really is the foundation of true beauty.   There is no substitute.  We believe in promoting  health, balance, and wellbeing. 

Part of wellbeing is feeling good about what you see in the mirror.   





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