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Let us show you how the natural healing modalities of Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Manual Therapy can help you relieve pain, reduce stress, boost metabolism, revitalize health and overall wellness.

Zeng Natural Healing is a holistic center with highly qualified professionals that can help you look young, feel better.


Each treatment plan is customized according to your body and mind to restore your overall health. You may work with one of our qualified experts to develop your unique treatment plan as you choose from a variety of services we provide.


We devote our expertise to Life Coaching, Pain Management, Stress Reduction and Spiritual Awakening to revitalize your body and purify your mind. 

Dr. C. Enu, Director of Riverside Medical, Supporter of Acupuncture:


"While you should check with your Doctor first to rule out any serious  medical issues, acupuncture alone or combined with Western Medicine has been found especially effective for arthritis and chronic or obscure pain issues without the dangerous side effects of prescription medication."


Dr. C. Enu MD, FACP, MBA,

Director of Riverside Medical

274 Old Nyack Turnpike

Spring Valley, NY  10977

(845) 517-5522

Special Programs We Offer

Revitalization Program 


If your goal is to restore your body to its full potential this program will help you improve your overall well-being. We offer a highly individualized program to reinvigorate and empower you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Vital Shift Weight Control


If your goal is to lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy body weight, we have a fast effective program customized to each individual designed to internally cleanse and jumpstart your metabolism. At Zeng we acknowledge that every individual is unique and requires a personalized treatment plan to assist their goal of weight loss. 

Testimonial - 


"I am 68 years old and had quintuple bi-pass surgery along with a total knee replacement 10 years ago. I have had no heart issues since the bi-pass but my knee has been sore since the surgery. I had additional knee surgery and treatments since then but the pain did not subside. I went to Zeng Natural Healing on a recommendation and after several acupuncture and acupressure treatments, the pain has been reduced substantially. I also wanted to lose some weight and Zeng recommended a weight loss program. I have lost over 28 lbs. and have maintained my weight for almost a year. The combination of treatments on my knee and weight loss has made me feel much better and become more active. I also started a Tai Chi program with Zeng and this has reduced my stress levels and made me more relaxed mentally and physically. The treatment methods Zeng uses are designed for each individual and the focus is to make you feel better both physically and mentally. I would recommend Zeng Natural Healing for anyone who has pain issues, high stress levels or is looking for a weight reduction program."


Steve Conti 

Overcome addictions


If your goal is to quit smoking, alcohol or any other harmful addiction we offer a customized support program to ease your way to a healthy lifestyle. The program combines a variety of services that provide a strong foundation to achieving a robust and balanced body.

Testimonial - 


On Wednesday, Jan 14th, 2015, I started my first of 3 consecutive acupuncture treatments with Zeng Natural Healing of Nanuet, NY.  The reason for seeing Zeng Natural Healing was to help me stop smoking, which I have been doing for almost 20 years.  I have tried to stop smoking almost a dozen times and tried numerous different types of approaches, none of which have worked in the slightest bit.   I have not touched a cigarette since that first round of treatments.  Since then, I have a new-found willpower to attack this problem in ways I never have been able to before.  I feel the weight of this horrible habit finally being lifted off from me.  I will continue with Zeng Natural Healing even after I have put smoking behind me since her skills will also help me in other areas of life.


Ted Z.


“I suffer from stuffy nose and sinus inflammation pain for many years.  My regular doctor just gave me prescription medicines which did not help much, and had some side effects.   After several acupuncture treatments with Zeng Natural Healing, my sinus symptoms are almost completely  gone and with no side effects at all.   I look forward to a complete recovery with acupuncture treatment!"

Piter Talathico-  Retired Teacher


"I must thank Liliy Hong Zhuang for my progress and stress relief.   I have been working with Zeng  Natural Healing for assisting my body to not need powerful medication for neuropathic pain left behind from a shingles episode.  The right side of my head and eye were affected in my case.  I have not used my pain pills for the past month and feel great relief.  The acupuncture is amazing and I feel that we are going in the right direction."

Watson Morgan


" I consider myself active with a regular workout routine and would never think that there was any issues with my body.  I am on my third session of deep tissue massage and second session of acupuncture with Zeng Natural Healing.  The results are increased feeling in the balls of my feet, better balance and a peace that is not easy to describe.  I will explain that this comes at a cost.  The first session of going into the muscles to release the trapped energy and toxins can be painful.  The second session was easier and I was introduced to acupuncture.  The tingling sensation in my legs afterward was great.  I recommend it for anyone and it can help athletes.  I can only say I look forward to my next visit.”

Bruce MacDonald


Seven years ago I fell off the roof of my house and broke my spine in 3 places. After 2 operations and wearing an upper body cast for six months, all “traditional” orthopedics could do was to feed me very strong drugs, such as oxycodone and see me every two months for a chat. I was always in some pain. In June 2015 my son said he heard Chinese acupuncture might be of some help so I contacted Liliy Hong Zhuang and the results are extremely encouraging. I have ceased taking oxycodone and my back pain has been much relieved. I will honestly say that sometimes I do have pain but it is much milder and less frequent than before the treatments at Zeng Natural Healing. Acupuncture is not all that Liliy has done for me, among other things, I have improved my diet, I walk better and feel better – that’s not bad for a man who will be 79 years of age in June 2016!

Edward Weiss


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